Parlons des attentes dans le domaine du médico-esthétique

Let's talk about expectations in the field of medical aesthetics

Posted by Pamela Murphy on

For over 15 years, I have been in the world of aesthetics. I will admit to you that the most difficult thing to juggle with is without a doubt the famous expectations!

Why are expectations so high?

Because let’s face it, medical aesthetics is expensive!

You invest a lot and it's normal that you have expectations. The problem is that we're working on a human.

A human with hormonal variations of stress, intolerances, lifestyles that go at 100 miles an hour.


We do the best we can while thinking about your pocket too! Our number 1 mission at Murphy Clinique is for you to know that for us, your results are as important as they are for you. We want to see you satisfied, but above all to know you have confidence. Aesthetic solutions to skin problems often vary from one person to another.

Oh how simple it would be! It would be our biggest dream that a single cream or even a single treatment would be able to remove years of accumulation of scars, acne or even pigment spots.
Unfortunately the truth is completely different.
This is where trust is key. It may be that for one person we find the solution the first time, but for their friend, it can take us weeks, sometimes even months.
This can sometimes seem discouraging to us, which is why you must have confidence in your team of medical aesthetics, in order to be comfortable communicating your needs and talking together about your progress.

We're a team! We are there for you, in the clinic as well as for follow-up at home afterwards. Never hesitate to contact us for an answer to a question or a misunderstanding.

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