Conseils pour diminuer l'irritation de votre peau

Tips to reduce irritation to your skin

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1 - Clean with a mild cleanser

It is essential to prioritize a gentle cleanser that will not leave you with an unpleasant feeling of tightness following its use & that will not create a burning sensation.

My favorites*

  • Hyol Sensitive Babor Duo
  • Emozioni Vagheggi Cleansing Cream
  • Probio Aquafolia Cleansing Foam

2 - Make sure the humidity level in your home is adequate

(long live small humidifiers)

Remember that if your ambient air is ultra dry, you will have even more dehydration & thus an uncomfortable feeling. Little
thing, if you wake up with a dry nose every day, tell yourself that it's the same for your skin. So be sure to increase the rate
moisture with a humidifier.

3 - Take the time to make a moisturizing / soothing mask once or twice a week

When you do your exfoliation routine (about r to 2 x week) take the opportunity to optimize your mask application, as you have just removed the small impurities from your skin, it is ready to receive
the moisturizing and soothing agents of your mask.

My favorites*

  • Emozioni Vagheggi Mask
  • Babor Overnight Cleanformance Mask
  • The Vagheggi Harmony Mask
  • Calming Babor bio-cellulose mask
  • Vivier's ultra-hydrating mask

4 - Try to avoid big temperature variations without protection for your face

(heating / outdoor)

Try to avoid big temperature swings directly on your face. Example: heating inside the house, extreme cold outside, return to heating inside the car. All this directly on your skin, try to prioritize the wearing of a good scarf which will provide additional physical protection for your skin. You can also apply a protective balm directly to your skin to avoid the shock of the cold and soothe the friction of the mask!

My favorite*

  • Baby Owl protection balm (yes yes even for adults)

5 - Apply a soothing moisturizer

Of course, you must absolutely protect your skin by applying a

moisturizing cream that will also serve as a protective barrier.

My favorites*

  • Calming Rx Babor
  • Aqua Rescue Aquafolia
  • Cleanformance cream Babor
  • Emozioni Vagheggi
  • Derma V de Vivier
  • Vivier redness complex

6 - Remove make-up from your skin well so as not to contaminate it

It is very important to properly remove make-up from your skin when you finish your day. You definitely need to remove your makeup and do a good cleanse. Gently with a good make-up remover, we forget the big aggressive friction.

My favorites*

  • Aquafolia probio foam
  • Babor Calming Rx Cleanser
  • Emozioni Vagheggi Cleansing Cream

7 - Change your pillowcases frequently

We try to wash our pillowcases as often as possible, little advice, get a pack of 5-6 pillowcases, in order to rotate and need to do only one load pillowcases per week, instead of always washing the same one several times a week.

9 - Use a soft reusable wipe to thoroughly cleanse the skin without irritating it

We avoid stiff washcloths to perfect our skin cleansing, we try to prioritize small soft reusable wipes.

My favorite*

  • Eco Tao reusable wipes

10 - If we exfoliate, we use chemical exfoliants without granules

We try as much as possible to avoid the friction of a chemical exfoliation during your exfoliation step. We therefore use chemical exfoliants.

Ps: don't be afraid of the word chemical which simply means that we are talking about an exfoliating action carried out by enzymes or acids.

My favorites*

  • The Aquafolia enzyme duo
  • Retinol 0.3% from Vivier
  • Vivier's AHA/BHA exfoliant
  • AHA overnight Babor
  • Peel pad primissima Vagheggi

11 - Aim for soft & soothing ingredients, try to avoid irritants

We try to prioritize soothing and moisturizing ingredients. Just because we talk about Vitamin C, Retinol & Hyaluronic Acid, doesn't mean it's good for everyone & at all times, be sure to talk to your beautician to find out the best solution for you.

12 - Have a lotion / tonic on you

One of the most overlooked but oh so important steps is the application of a toner/lotion! The lotion helps to restore the pH of the skin following cleaning with your house water, it also helps to reduce irritation due to heavy metals or chlorine contained in tap water! Some lotions containing humectants will help your skin retain its moisture.

My favorites*

  • AquaSecours Lotion Aquafolia
  • Vivier Refreshing Tonic
  • Fresh up Babor
  • Vagheggi Soothing Mist

*All our favorite products can be found in our online store.

For more information, do not hesitate to contact us.

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