Dp Dermaceuticals - Peau à tendance acnéique

Dp Dermaceuticals - Acne prone skin

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Our DP Dermaceuticals products are treatments that are extremely effective, especially for acne. Indeed this range high in active ingredients will help both in terms of inflammation, healing, and scarring. 

Here is our recommendation for a DP Dermaceuticals routine for acne-prone skin :

  • CLR Foam Cleaner

The foam cleanser is perfect for acne-prone and/or oily skin. It removes makeup and impurities, soothes and calms the skin and reduces the appearance of pores. It will give you calm and brightened skin. 

Use morning and evening to cleanse the face.

  • CLR Lotion

CLR lotion is a specialized treatment for oily acneic skin. While hydrating, it helps balance oil production and prevent future breakouts. It also helps exfoliate the top layer of dead skin cells and prevents further buildup. Leaving the skin pure, refreshed and clean.

Use morning and evening to moisturize and protect the face while controlling sebum secretions.

  • Micro Derm Exfoliating

Micro Derm is a chemical exfoliant that removes dull residue and dead skin cells to allow products to better penetrate afterwards.

This helps diminish the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, pores, age spots, uneven tone and acne scars.

Use once or twice a week to properly dislodge small dead skin cells on the surface of the skin and help the active ingredients in your routine to penetrate better.

As mentioned before, DP Dermaceuticals products are high in active ingredients, which is why we strongly recommend a free consultation with one of our professionals before purchasing this routine. 

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