We-Vibe-Nova 2

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Adjustable Positioning

Nova's internal G-spot stimulator is adjustable to fit your unique body.

flexible arm

The improved and flexible Nova external stimulator ensures constant contact with the clitoris.

Ergonomic Handle

For the most comfortable grip.


Nova 2 is 100% waterproof, making it easy to enjoy anywhere and easy to clean.

App Available

With the free We-Connect™ app, you can play and share control of the Nova 2 from anywhere, create custom vibes, and play with other We-Vibe products.

Body Safe

Made of body safe silicone, phthalates, BPA and latex free.

 Soft touch silicone

Soft-touch silicone is smooth and gentle on your body.

Dual Stimulation

Two motors simultaneously stimulate the clitoris and the G-spot.

USB rechargeable

Practical and ecological, Nova 2 is rechargeable and allows you to play for up to 120 minutes on a single charge.

Move lock

Ensures that Nova 2 will not accidentally turn on. The travel lock is automatically deactivated when the toy is recharged.


1. Experience an explosive hybrid orgasm with simultaneous dual stimulation.

Experience a hybrid orgasm with Nova 2 — the rumble of its vibrations in continuous contact with the clitoris combined with G-spot stimulation induce sensations on a whole new level.

2. Adjustable positioning to match your anatomy.

The Nova 2's adjustable G-spot stimulator is adjustable, allowing it to perfectly fit your anatomy. So you feel the vibrations exactly where you want them. The positioning of the device is easy to adjust and everything stays in place once you find the perfect fit.

3. Ergonomic and easy to use.

The ergonomic handle makes the experience more comfortable than ever before. As for the design of the product, it ensures that you will not have to constantly reposition the device.

4. Have fun together, even when distance separates you.

With the free We-Connect™ app, you can have fun and share control of the Nova 2 remotely, create vibrations


The rabbit vibrator is by far the most commonly purchased vibrator — but according to studies, women don't use it. These vibrators don't seem to deliver on their promise of dual stimulation, mainly because the contact between the "bunny ears" and the clitoris is interrupted with every movement. It is on the basis of this information that the design team of We-Vibe designed Nova: a device with an improved design inspired by the classic rabbit vibrator. Nova itself has been carefully designed hence its innovative design. With Nova 2 this design has been refined based on the trials and feedback of many users thereby setting a whole new standard. The new and improved Nova 2 delivers uninterrupted fun, even during your most daring maneuvers. Nova 2's external stimulator moves with you to provide continuous contact with the clitoris, while the internal G-spot stimulator offers adjustable positioning to match your unique anatomy — constant contact, uninterrupted pleasure.


Nova 2 is aimed at consumers who are already familiar with the classic “rabbit” category of vibrators but would like to try something different and more upscale. Its accessibility, its clean design, its intuitive modular aspect and its possibilities of personalized adjustment make Nova 2 an intriguing option. Couples can use Nova 2 to add a new spark to their intimate moments. They can also use We-Connect™ to have fun remotely when they can't be together.


• Adjustable positioning 

• Ergonomic handle 

• Flexible rod 

• Dual stimulation 

• Completely waterproof 

• Compatible with the We-Connect™ app 

• USB cable with magnetic charging pins 

• Operating time: 120 minutes 

• Charging time: 90 minutes 

• Body safe silicone 

• Lock system 

• more than 10 modes


Insert the G-spot stimulator into the vagina and let the external stimulator rest on the clitoris. The curved part of the stimulator flexes during movement, which allows it to remain positioned on the clitoris at all times. Using the buttons, adjust the mode and intensity of the vibrations and choose to activate either the internal motor (G-spot stimulator), or the external motor (clitoral stimulator) or both at the same time (double stimulation) .


-For those familiar with the classic rabbit vibrator, Nova 2 is superior in design. 

 It touches the clitoris much more easily.

-The central rod is completely adjustable and stays in place once you find the right position to stimulate the G-spot. 

 You no longer need to look for the right position afterwards, the positioning of the Nova 2 stays in place where you have adjusted it.

-The clitoral stimulator continuously touches the clitoris regardless of your position.

-The vibrations of the Nova 2 are grrr…rather than bizzz…

 By that we mean that this vibration is beefy, strong, but Nova 2 remains very quiet.

-Nova 2 is 100% guaranteed submersible. It can stay in the water constantly.

-Using the We-Connect app, the Nova 2 can be controlled remotely, whether from across a room or across the world.

-Nova 2 is completely anti-allergenic, made of body safe silicone, phthalates and BPA free and latex free.

-Nova 2 is rechargeable by a strong magnetic terminal and guaranteed for 2 years.

-Nova 2 has a lock feature that prevents it from activating by mistake.