Vagheggi- Vitamin B12 + Resveratrol

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Revitalizes and regenerates.

Beauty enhancers to combat skin imperfections!

Advanced technological formulations

Thanks to their high concentration of pure and stabilized molecules, Vagheggi Facial Boosters are “pure energy” for the skin!

The formulas were developed based on two efficient techniques:

  • Formulations balanced to maintain and reinforce the effectiveness of particularly delicate pure molecules.
  • Formulations which carry active ingredients encapsulated in nanocapsules (Deep Delivery System: DDS) to protect and reinforce the skin diffusion of more unstable molecules.

VITAMIN B12 – 0.1%

This vitamin is produced with bio-fermentation processes, it soothes and promotes the recovery and regeneration of the skin and prevents photoaging. It accelerates renewal and provides hydration and energy. It promotes a healthy skin microbiome and fights against certain causes of skin irritability.


It has an antioxidant action, neutralizing cellular deterioration caused by free radicals generated by pollution and by ultraviolet light which together accelerate skin aging. It has a calming and anti-aging effect, stimulates the production of collagen, increases the hydration and elasticity of the skin, reduces the depth of wrinkles and the intensity of brown spots due to the sun. It stimulates the skin's self-repairing abilities.