Vagheggi- SINECELL anti-cellulite foam mud

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Shock action cellulite treatment based on Jania rubens seaweed extract.

Active molecules

Made with nourishing Almond Oil and Shea Butter, the formula's soft, thick texture releases special absorbent and purifying clay onto the skin. The antioxidant vitamin E protects and allows the Jania rubens seaweed extract to fight cellulite and exert a draining action.


Jania rubens extract regulates the mitochondria, which provide energy to the cells in addition to maintaining the efficiency of the water channel of aquaporin-8, thus allowing the passage of nutrients and toxins by reactivating the metabolism cellular:

• Stimulates adipocyte lipolysis and fibroblast collagen synthesis, breaking down fibrosis.

• Prevents fat accumulation.

• Improves the appearance of orange peel skin.