SkinCeuticals- Physical Matte UV Defense SPF50

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Normal, Oily, Combination Skin


Hyperpigmentation, Skin discoloration, Acne prone skin, Mature


Protect your skin with Physical Matte UV Defense SPF 50, a 100% physical broad-spectrum tinted sunscreen with a long-lasting matte finish, with SPF 50 sun protection. The best mineral sunscreen for oily skin .

Daily UVA/UVB protection primer with a matte finish that absorbs oil. Introducing Physical Matte UV Defense SPF 50, a matte sunscreen formulated with titanium dioxide and zinc oxide (Z-Cote®*) to provide high, broad-spectrum UV protection. This mineral sunscreen is enriched with aerated silica technology, proven to maintain a matte finish even in humid conditions, making it an ideal sunscreen for oily skin types. Its light mousse texture dries to a powdery finish, which allows makeup to look optimal once applied. *Z-COTE HP-1 is a registered trademark of BASF.

  • Fully physical broad-spectrum UVA and UVB protection
  • Retains a matte finish even in hot and humid conditions
  • Smoothes skin texture and minimizes the appearance of pores
  • Lightweight mousse dries to a powdery finish, optimizing makeup application
  • Formulated with translucent color spheres to provide universal tint to all skin tones and repel oil to minimize the appearance of sebum
  • Non-comedogenic, non-acnegenic

Main Ingredients

  • 4% Clear Micronized Zinc Oxide (Z-Cote®)
    Microfine physical sunscreen providing broad spectrum protection against UVA and UVB rays without leaving a white residue.
  • 9% titanium dioxide
    Microfine titanium dioxide forms a barrier on the skin to protect it from UVA and UVB rays.
  • Gasified silica
    Absorbs up to 15 times its weight in oil to provide a long-lasting matte finish, even in hot and humid conditions.
  • Translucent colored spheres
    Iron Oxide Spheres are a color-infused technology that enhances natural skin tone and increases radiant radiance while providing a universal tint for most skin tones.