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Magic Wand Plus proves that even the best of the best of the best can be reinvented and maybe even improved.

100%, unarguably THE most beloved vibrator in history (it's been around since 1968, if you can believe it!), the Magic Wand has been called a marriage saviour, is often recommended by sexual health care providers for women who have difficulty reaching orgasm, and, as countless reviews attest, this is quite possibly the only vibe that pleasure seekers and their partners will ever need. Along with a silky-smooth, body-safe silicone head and four constant speeds, this plug-in creation of the magic wand offers extreme, unparalleled and completely reliable power.

The Magic Wand Plus stands out not only for its incredible power (2,700, 3,800, 5,400 and 6,300 vibrations per intensity setting), but also for its lightness and maneuverability. The Plus weighs just over 1 lb.

Choose your intensity using the dedicated power and up/down buttons, then focus the vibrations on any part of the body that needs deep, penetrating stimulation. The reputedly flexible silicone head is easy to position, nestling naturally above and around erogenous zones.

In materials that are extremely safe and easy to maintain, the handle of the Magic Wand Plus is made of smooth and clean ABS plastic detailed with silicone. The head and neck - the most important parts, as they will be in contact with your body - are made entirely of silicone. Cleaning and maintenance is easy and hassle-free, wipe down the handle and head with warm soapy water, or use a good toy care fluid/foam. If using a lubricant, choose a preferred water-based formula, avoid silicone lubricants and contact with other silicone toys and tools. Do not use in or around water. Power source: 100-240 volt electrical outlet. Weight: about 1.06 lbs (485g). Cord included.

* The Magic Wand Plus is an electric massager. It must be used with the cord.