Eltraderm- CLINIQUE Advanced Collagen AH + C

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Soluble and pure native collagen, with pro-collagen activators - micromolecular weight hyaluronic acid, vitamin C and Advanced Moisturizing Factors - promotes the daily resistance of the skin and accelerates recovery after treatments such as dermbrasion, peeling or photo skin rejuvenation with stunning deep hydration effects.

Our AH+C Advanced Collagen is enriched with Advanced Moisturizing Factors that help replicate the skin's natural moisturizing factors to provide turgor to the skin.

Skin types:

  • Normal, Dry, Combination, Oily, Sensitive


  • After dermabrasion, chemical peeling, photo-rejuvenation
  • Pre and Post cosmetic surgery, injectable
  • Fine lines and wrinkles, dehydrated skin, anti-aging


Our AH+C Advanced Collagen is enriched with Advanced Moisturizing Factors that help replicate the skin's natural moisturizing factors, as well as micromolecular weight hyaluronic acid and vitamin C.

  • The formulation of this soothing gel provides exceptional deep hydration thanks to a high concentration of collagen
  • Accelerates skin recovery after exfoliation, dermabrasion or laser
  • Antioxidants protect and neutralize free radicals caused by environmental aggressors
  • Increases suppleness and reduces the appearance of fine lines
  • Ideal for daily use for dehydrated, damaged, mature or aging skin
  • Without perfume. Without parabens.


On skin thoroughly cleansed with Eltraderm cleanser, apply a small amount to the face, eye area and neck. Allow the gel to penetrate for one minute, without massaging. Then apply the appropriate Eltraderm moisturizer. Use in the evening or as recommended by your dermo beautician/advisor.


Soluble Native Marine Collagen

  • Increases skin density, elasticity and firmness in deeper layers
  • Nourishes the dermal base to improve skin resilience
  • Accelerates skin recovery through increased hydration
  • Amplifies the skin's ability to retain moisture

Micromolecular Weight Hyaluronic Acid

  • Promotes the absorption of collagen and hydrating nutrients needed by deeper layers
  • Helps the skin replenish its hyaluronic acid levels
  • Increases water retention capacity within the extracellular matrix

Vitamin C

  • Antioxidant protects skin cells against free radicals
  • Protects the skin against the visible impact of environmental aggressors
  • Synthesizes cellular collagen production for younger-looking skin
  • Improves photo-protection and evens skin tone for a brighter appearance

Advanced Moisturizing Factors

  • Replicates natural hydration factors to improve skin's ability to retain water and protect against moisture loss
  • Increases skin softness, elasticity and turgor
  • Maintains skin hydration even in low atmospheric humidity
  • Amplifies the skin's ability to retain moisture

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