Concept Myriade - The Charcoal Purifier

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Mechanical and chemical exfoliator, ideal for all skin types except skin
red and irritated.

Usage tips
Use twice a week, on the face (avoiding the eyelid area), neck, décolleté and hands, in a small circular massage in the morning or evening, following the recommendations of your skincare professional. The skin must be clean and preferably dry to maximize the action of the AHAs. More sensitive skin might add a little water when applying.
Leave on for 2 to 3 minutes and rinse with lukewarm water. The use of a protective day cream with sun protection factor is recommended.

Based on coco-glucoside, a gentle and organic cleansing agent, combined with bamboo extracts and their charcoal, Le Purifiant au Charbon de Myriade is a complete cleansing treatment suitable for most skin types. Ideal for more congested and dull skin, it may be suitable for some
slightly more sensitive skin, by adjusting the dosage. This new generation of both chemical and mechanical exfoliant rids the superficial layers of the skin of dead cells and impurities. It promotes cell renewal and respiration thanks to the synergy of fruit acids and bentonite, a volcanic clay rich in trace elements and nutrients. It reduces comedones, the appearance of dilated pores over the long term and helps to maintain the radiance and uniformity of the complexion in a lasting way.

Main ingredients
Coco Glucoside: Organic cleansing agent. Sugar foam from coconut.
Bamboo extracts: 100% biodegradable and very fine particles, they rid the skin of dead cells.
Bamboo Charcoal: It rids the skin of toxins and impurities to keep the skin healthy.
Glycolic acid 0.50%: Extracted from sugar cane, this fruit acid is part of the AHA family, it cleanses the superficial layers of the skin and stimulates cells that produce collagen in depth.
Bentonite: This volcanic clay is very rich in minerals and trace elements such as calcium, iron and magnesium. It absorbs toxins and eliminates bacteria in the skin. It stabilizes the sebaceous gland and normalizes secretions while promoting healing.