Concept Myriade- The AHA Cream

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This cream is suitable for dry or rough skin.

Usage tips
Apply in the evening to dry, well-cleansed skin. Avoid the eyelids, neck and
low-cut. The effect of AHA upon application may cause a slight tingling. The use of this
cream is reserved for people whose skin adapts to the exfoliating properties of acid
glycolic. This cream makes the skin photosensitive, it must be applied at night only.

AHA cream is made with 5% glycolic acid which helps reduce and prevent changes
skin damage caused by photoaging (roughness, spots, wrinkles, fine lines, thin and dry skin, yellowish complexion) as well as comedones and dilated pores, while promoting the permeability of the other active ingredients. The exclusive AHA formula is potentiated by a vitamin complex. This cream has an exfoliating, anti-wrinkle and lightening action and acts without causing irritation thanks to its natural non-greasy (non-comedogenic) and soothing formula.

Main ingredients
Aloe Glycolic Acid 5%, Shea Butter, Allantoin, Squalane, Rosehip Vegetable Oil, Geranium Flower Essential Oil, Camellia Oil (Tea Oil), Panthenol, Cypress Essential Oil