Concept Myriade- The Eye Contour C

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Suitable for all types of skin. Excellent for improving the appearance or
prevent hyperpigmented dark circles. Also ideal for preventing
premature aging of the skin around the eyes.

Usage tips
Use on the eye contour morning and evening for maximum physiological action. Benefits occur over a period of 1-6 months; the lightening will be done gradually and gradually. It is strongly recommended to apply a product with sun protection factor in case of outdoor exposure.

This preparation is a lightening product suitable for the sensitive area around the eyes. Its purpose is to reduce and prevent hyperpigmentation. Its formula has antioxidant and antiradical properties and stimulates the synthesis of collagen. It is composed of moisturizers without being greasy. It contains a high concentration of vitamin C, vitamin E, caffeine, panthenol and peptides.

Main ingredients
Shea butter, Camellia oil (tea oil), Rosehip vegetable oil, Panthenol, Low molecular weight hyaluronic acid 0.10%
Palmitoyl Oligopeptide 1.5%: Synthetic peptide that stimulates collagen and
glycosaminoglycans by fibroblasts. It increases elasticity, firmness and the production of hyaluronic acid.
Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-7 1.5%: Slows tissue glycation.
MAP(Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate) 3%: Vitamin C salt more stable than traditional ascorbic acid. It works over the longer term to improve and prevent hyperpigmentation.
Caffeine 1%: Healing, energizing and stimulating, caffeine is an antioxidant of choice to combat the effects of photoaging. It also improves micro-circulation for better detoxification of the skin.