Babor- SKINOVAGE balancing serum

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Combination skin is distinguished by different characteristics that require precisely adapted care. While the cheeks and eyes are usually dry and tightness occurs, the forehead, nose and chin in particular show an oily sheen and enlarged pores. SKINOVAGE Balancing Serum creates the ideal care base in the combination skin routine and helps to balance the skin.

To balance combination skin in a targeted manner and meet its different needs, the complex of active agents in the SKINOVAGE Balancing Serum combines precisely selected ingredients that intensely hydrate dry areas, regulate sebum production and strengthen the skin barrier. / which improve the lipid and water content of the skin and strengthen the skin barrier.
The SKINOVAGE treatment combines two well-designed active agents to strengthen the skin's protective mechanisms and thus ensure the basic conditions for its good health. An extract of Alpine rose, inspired by the principles of autophagy, promotes the elimination of bulky waste. In addition, it protects the skin against oxidative stress and therefore against premature aging and helps to improve its elasticity. It is associated with a marine polysaccharide which reinforces the protective barrier of the skin and makes it less reactive and sensitive.

The annatto seed extract found in the SKINOVAGE Balancing Serum is particularly valuable for taking care of combination skin. This extract regulates excessive skin sebum production on oily areas and tightens pores and irregularities for an even skin texture.
In addition, particularly dry areas of combination skin are nourished by natural biopolymers. The moisturizing biopolymer complex is continuously released with a reservoir effect on the skin and lays down as a thin film. The skin is thus protected against drying out and looks fresher.

To sustainably meet the specific needs of combination skin, the SKINOVAGE Balancing Serum contains additional NMFs. These provide lasting hydration and bind water into the skin. In addition, panthenol decreases the reactivity of the skin and has a soothing effect.


Specially designed for combination skin, the SKINOVAGE Balancing Serum mattifies excessively shiny areas from the first step of the skincare routine and creates a balanced and fresh complexion.
The SKINOVAGE Balancing Serum for combination skin regulates the level of hydration and lipids in the skin, which reduces excessive shine. This refines the structure of the skin and makes the pores less visible, so that the skin texture appears finer. At the same time, the serum strengthens the natural protective functions of the skin and thus preserves its health and youthfulness.