Babor-Serum with hyaluronic acid HYDRO RX

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The powerful active Hyaluron Serum concentrate is a hydration expert that intensely hydrates the skin with immediate and lasting effect.


Hyaluron Serum provides a boost of hydration to dehydrated skin showing the first fine lines of dryness, for soft, smooth and freshly dewy skin.


The powerful active Hyaluron Serum concentrate hydrates the skin thanks to triple hyaluronic acid and HY 3-peptides. HY 3-peptides stimulate the natural production of hyaluronic acid, allowing hydration to better bind to the skin. Triple hyaluronic acid and a special NMF-Moisturizing-Complex reduce water loss from the skin and thus improve hydration. In combination with Hyaluron Cream, the skin is better hydrated and the complexion freshly rosy.


apply in the morning and evening to cleansed skin before skincare products, then leave to act. Then apply a treatment cream. INGREDIENTS AQUA, GLYCERIN, BETAINE, PHENOXYETHANOL, LVALYLAMINOBUTYRIC UREA TRIFLUOROACETATE, SODIUM HYDROXIDE, MAGNESIUM CHLORIDE Ingredients indicated correspond to the current state of production. Since we regularly incorporate new scientific knowledge into our recipes and our formulas change accordingly, the ingredient label on the packaging is decisive.